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Bringing People Together

Welcome to Drape’m With Love.  I’ve always done my best to live by and lead with LOVE. I truly believe that “IT” all begins and ends with LOVE, whatever the “IT” is.   One of my hobbies included the love of decorating.  I decided to attend an Event and Decor training course and fell in love with the Event Draping Decor aspect of decorating. Hence, Drape'm With Love, was established!!!


My name is Alicia Elmore, the owner of Drapem With Love, in Montgomery Alabama, where I love designing and transforming events with Love.   


At Drape’m With Love, we are passionate about transforming, designing and creating beautiful unique and memorable experiences for our clients. We strive to bring our clients’ vision to life through creative and innovative approaches in draping and décor.  Our mission is to provide exceptional service and quality products that will exceed our clients’ expectations and create an everlasting memorable experience.


Drape’m With Love also strive to create a space where everyone feels valued, respected and where we can all come together to create something greater than ourselves.   We are committed to pushing décor boundaries, challenges, and the status quo while always staying true to core values. We are passionate about creating better futures through design and décor for our clients and will never stop striving for excellence.


Outside of business, I’m a wife, a boy mom of two men whom I love dearly, and a doting “G” (Glam Ma). I love to help my community in any way that I can. I'm a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta-Montgomery Al Alumnae Chapter. I simply love creating and helping others smile. 

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The Owner

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